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    The Top Bio Ethanol Free Standing Fire Gurus Are Doing Three Things
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    Freestanding Bioethanol Stove

    If you're not looking to set up a fireplace permanently, a best freestanding bioethanol fireplace bioethanol stove can be a fantastic option. These stoves are lightweight and easy to transport and store. There is also no gas line or chimney to worry about with bioethanol fireplaces. They are safe for pets and children.

    Vitrum H bioethanol fireplace with double-sided sides

    The Vitrum H Double Sided Bioethanol Fireplace is a fashionable fireplace that features clean-burning flames as well as an elegant design. The clear view of the flames is offered by the tempered glass front. The unit is available in three colors: white, black, or red. It weighs 42 pounds and can be installed anywhere in the house.

    Vitrum H fireplaces feature doors made of tempered glass as well as bodies constructed from 3mm grade stainless. It is light and spill-proof as well as eco-friendly. It also comes with eight decorative screws as well as an easy EB1200 burner damper tool. You'll appreciate the neat and odorless fire that the Vitrum H gives off.

    The Vitrum H Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace is a fantastic feature for any space, no matter how big or small. The carbon steel structure is powder coated and a durable stainless steel burner make it an ideal addition to any room. It does not require installation or fuel, and provides a warm, soft glow.

    The design possibilities for a fireplace with two sides are practically endless. You can choose from open three-sided, two-sided, or open designs. Additionally, the options for materials are endless. You can select from brick or stone to create a rustic look, or modernize the look with stainless steel.

    Ignis Vitrum L freestanding fireplace with bioethanol

    The Ignis Vitrum L Freestanding bio ethanol fireplace free standing - visit`s official website - Ethanol Fireplace is a unique blend of beauty and elegance. The sleek L-shaped body and two reflective glasses walls on each side make it seem like it's floating in space. This fireplace burns ethanol fuel to generate heat and has a burn time of five hours.

    This fireplace provides an inviting and warm atmosphere and benchmark performance and bio Ethanol fireplace free standing safety. The burner is constructed with spill-proof technology to ensure your safety. It is also available in different styles and fuel options. Ignis can help you choose the type and the fuel of ethanol you want.

    A freestanding bioethanol fireplace can be an the perfect choice for outdoor and indoor use. It can also be used in colder climates. Also, since this fireplace makes use of renewable energy, it's light on your wallet. If you're seeking a bioethanol fireplace that burns clean and is spill-proof, you should think about the Ignis Vitrum L.

    Regal Flame Phoenix Ventless freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace

    The Regal Flame Phoenix Ventless Free-standing Bioethanol Fireplace provides powerful heat while remaining within the budget. This fireplace is made from ceramic, stainless steel, and steel, bio ethanol fireplace free standing and it has a freestanding design that allows for easy placement. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It doesn't require electric or gas components.

    The contemporary Phoenix Ethanol fireplace is gorgeous and adds a unique touch to any room. It is built with a base made of steel and two glass sheets that are tempered on either side. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and produces 12,000 BTUs of heat.


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